Skate Noodle
Skating, noodles, sacks of flour… Put it all together with some Gorillaz background tunes and it makes an awesome animation project.

Skate Noodle

Inspired by a true story!  My wife and I would come home from work to find our cockatiel, Bobbo, flying around the joint.

The Escape

Brick Toss
In my first animation class at Clemson University in the Digital Production Arts program the professor (David Donar) had us model some vases that were on display in the art department.  Then later in the semester we took our different vases and made short films.  Check out my cohorts films […]

Brick Toss

Basketball Hoop
I got really excited to enter the Tribeca Film Festival in 2005, but I didn’t have any good ideas, so when I was outside playing some basketball on my dirt court, this little gem was born.

Take It To The Hoop

Luke with Lightsaber I’ve always been interested in special effects.  My previous experience was Mario Paint or a piece of overhead projector paper held in front of a camera.  When I started college in 2000, I got a copy of some video editing software and tried to add a light saber effect to […]

Skate Saber

1920's radio guy
Back in high school, I took a US History class, as I’m sure most do.  The teacher had a great project that he assigned.  We were required to record a radio broadcast as if it were some time in the 1920s.  It was right around 1996 when the internet was […]

1920’s Radio Broadcast

Head Tracking
Ever been interested in 3D without the annoying glasses?  Well it is possible.  It’s called real life, just look around…  Sorry, I’m kidding.  It actually is possible, and that idea is what inspired my graduate thesis in 2011.  This incredibly smart guy name Johnny Chung Lee posted a video on […]

Stereoscopic Simulation for Animation and Special Effects